In 2012, I began discussing the idea of an online fitness platform with CRUNCH FITNESS.  CRUNCH has always been known for innovative group fitness programs that promote fitness and entertainment simultaneously.  This new platform, called CRUNCH LIVE, would be a place where people could remotely participate in many of their favorite classes with many of their favorite instructors.  The challenge was this:  How could we bring the cutting-edge style of the classes as well as the energy and artistry of the Crunch instructors into hotel rooms, apartments, living rooms and houses around the world?  I wanted a very New York, and more specifically, Brooklyn (yes, I said it) feel to the content - spacious, edgy, and industrial.  The space needed to reflect what the instructors were bringing to the table.  Each class has an episodic feel - and I've shot 30 episodes to date, with more on the way.

Director: RYAN KIPP

Director of Photography: ANDRES KARU

Producer: SUSAN HERR

Producing Company: TRIGGER CREATIVE