Glenn's Story is the first of a 10-episode testimonial web series for THE WORLD TRADE CENTER HEALTH PROGRAM.  Each testimonial gives voice to a 9-11 responder or survivor and highlights how the WTCHP has put each of them on their own road to recovery.  My approach was simple, each 90 second piece needed to tell each individual's story of that day, the emotional and physical results of it's aftermath, and the eventual path to recovery the program continues to offer.  The location included a vast skyline view of downtown New York City as well as the newly built Tower 1.  Each person had an incredibly unique and personal relationship with the city's skyline and what the new towers meant to them.  For me these people all symbolized resilience.  They have all risen from the ashes of that day, and visually, I felt that seeing them looking out over Tower 1, high above the city's floor, would capture the indomitable spirit that each of them possessed.  


Director: RYAN KIPP

Director of Photography: ANDRES KARU

Producer: SUSAN HERR

Producing Company: TRIGGER CREATIVE